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Why am I a Conservative?

Please use this question as an opportunity to share why you have chosen to label yourself as a conservative. What does it mean to you? What do you stand for?

Or what questions do you have for those who are conservative?


Blogger Amanda G. said...

I would label myself as a conservative because from what I've heard of conservatives... they don't like change. Sure, society changes and government has to change with it. BUT that doesn't mean that our morals have to change. I find myself incorperating morals into politics... and my morals come from the past. I think that abortion is flat out wrong and that marriage is meant for men and women (one of each)... so because I agree with conservatives on most issues, I have assumed that title. Although on SOME issues I disagree with conservatives and although I don't "fight to the death" the issues I 100% agree with, I am a conservative at heart.

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Blogger Jacob Danger said...

If the United States established its entire government on conservatism and the status quo, never incorporating one iota of liberalism, would our government survive?

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Blogger nathana said...

When I say that I�m conservative I am comparing myself to the globe. Compared to most people in most countries I am, like many Americans, very conservative. I am more skeptical of the government then I am of individuals because of what a powerful and dangerous tool government can be. We often take for granted just how little intrusion we receive. Call me simple minded, but I do associate small government with freedom. The other reason I am Conservative is because of how good the status quo is. If it�s not broken, don�t fix it. That doesn�t mean I think we should do nothing to improve or that I oppose intrusions FDR or Teddy Roosevelt made within their time periods. These were different situations. This is why people shouldn�t be too attached to their labels. We should be free to adapt based on circumstances and the issues and not go broad-brushing politics.

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Blogger ashleyL said...

Being a Conservative does not mean hating change, or hating what's different. To me, it means remembering the importance of the citizenry and how they make lasting changes. Any law, or Supreme Court case, has only a limited sphere of influence, but individual humans making individual choices for the better changes everything.

I'm not the crazy Conservative most of you may think I am, especially if you know my brother (who is not as crazy as some people say). Just because you call yourself a Conservative does not mean you join the NRA and start your evil plan to take Social Security away from old people, (sarcasm) which is what many people think it’s about. To talk about specific issues, I’m moderate on Same-sex marriage. Because I believe in small government, I don’t think it’s the place of Congress to say what two consenting adults want to do. But abortion is another issue, the child has no choice, it is the main reason I am a Conservative. It is the one reason I could never be a liberal. I do not buy in to the “my body, my business” slogan of many (of course, not all) liberals. It has less to do with religion (although, I am a Christian), and more to do with common sense. People know what they’re doing when they do it. And they should have to live with the consequences. When circumstances don’t go our way we have no right to kill another person. And before you think it: No, I do not support the death penalty. As a Christian, I try not to live by the “eye for an eye” theory, but Christ’s “turn the other cheek” theory. The government should protect citizens from other people, not from themselves. They should protect all of the citizens, including the unborn, which, as I understand it, can legally own property… although, I don’t know what kind of Real Estate agent they get ;)but I digress.

I am also a Conservative because I do believe in small government. (I’ve spent enough time working for the government to know, they don’t do it all that well). We have a much better shot getting things done with the private sector, who needs you to like them, who needs your business. Taxes get relatively nothing done, well they do, but not as much as they should. If you look at our oh-so-extremely awesome buddy TABOR you’ll notice, that we are stuck where we are. So, for now, with Governor Ritter’s staff trapped in a bit of a financial corner, especially with higher education, we should look to other ways to fund what we need. That is what being a Conservative is about to me. Finding new an innovative ways to fill a need by using individuals with vision, instead of relying on an overloaded government. Let’s stop making laws we don’t need and start creating real solutions through economics, politics, education and, even, entertainment.

(Just as a side note, Meyer, on what you said in class about women and the right to vote. Some people (I could lean that way) don’t support the ERA (that’s the Equal Rights Amendment). Here’s why: No where in the Constitution does it claim, or has it ever claimed, that women are not citizens and do not have the right to vote. It was just accepted. So, every time a man tried to keep a woman from voting, he was breaking the Constitution, not the woman. The same 14th amendment that protects you, protects me. So, the ERA could be argued as another way women are made to feel inferior and are controlled by men. Meyer, if you want to know where I heard that watch the second season of The West Wing, Ainsley says it to Sam…*if you want you can borrow it* I just wanted to share… off my soapbox now :) )

On one final note, a guy I knew, who worked for the city, once said to me, “People want government when they want it. The rest of the time they want it to stay away from them. We have a responsibility to be invisible, to do what we can to let people do what they can and never have anyone say Thank you.”

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Blogger annab said...

So ashleyl if you got raped there wouldn't be a single thought in your mind of having an abortion? I think one thing people don't consider when they say they are pro-life is that some people do not have a choice if they are pregnant are not. Yes people make stupid decisions and end up with an unplanned pregnancy but I think we also need to act with compassion and walk a mile in a rape victim's shoes.

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Blogger emilyf said...

ok so about the abortion thing and i don't want to start a bawl over the issue but even if a girl gets pregnant from rape they have a child who cant speak for themselves growing in their body and i dont know about you, but i know people who was the child in that situation and just because it wasn't the woman's fault that she got pregnant doesn't mean that you should kill the baby. the only way i think that an abortion is okay is if the mother physically cant either carry the baby for 9 monthes or give birth to it. other than that its a persons life that you are killing and it doesn't matter how much it screws up your life or how hurt you are about getting raped you cant just kill the baby, people go to jail for very long periods of time for killing people why should a baby be any different.

but my real question is what does a conservative belive (not on specific issues) but generally?? i am really confused about all these cool words we discussed in class today!!

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Blogger Amanda G. said...

compassion is actually giving that baby a chance at life. Give it up for adoption, if that's your choice. But until that baby is out of your body... we should not have the right to impose our will upon it. I don't care if you got raped. Think about more than yourself... and go through 9 months of hell. Life sucks. I won't deny it. But we have to go through it... not give up and take the easy, "killing" way out. What if I had an abusive boyfriend? Should I kill him? Or should I break up with him?

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Blogger sarahb said...

I agree with Anna. You can think of a million different situations of how the woman got pregnant but the basic point is that it is my body. No one should have the right to tell me what to do with my body except myself. To me the issue of abortion is not pro-life or pro-choice. It is a woman's choice vs. her having no choice. Just because I am pro-choice does not mean I am pro-abortion. That is a personal choice for a woman that no one has the right to dictate to her.

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Blogger emilyf said...

im sorry but if you think that no one should be allowed to tell you what to do with your body, but what about the baby, you dont have the right to decide whether that child lives or dies. no on has the right to choose to kill someone.

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Blogger brooksk said...

Like sarah said, I think that abortion is an issue that really should be handled on more of a personal level and should be a personal choice. We must remember that it is imperative that the baby is born into a caring, safe, and economically secure environment. Putting a child into a harmful situation such as that really could be traumatizing and could be harmful to the child. Yet, on the other hand, it is imposing our will upon the child. Because this is in such a dead-lock arguement for all of society, I believe the government should try to start making decisive actions on this issue based on the idea that this is a personal issue.

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Blogger KerryL said...

i agree with anna, sarah, and brooks. the government should not be able to decide. a woman should be able to choose whether or not they can have an abortion. if abortion is not legal, it is going to happen illegally, which is unhealthy. yes, it is sad to kill a baby at just a few weeks old. but would it truly be worth it for a fifteen year old girl to have a baby and raise it on welfare? or to crazy lady who killed it when it actually knew what was going on? i dont think so.

i am a christian. but i am liberal. morally, i would not have an abortion. or atleast thats what i think now. but what if i get raped? my decision might change.

i have seen that the church... especially the catholic church... doesnt agree with gay marriage or abortion. but truly... should christian views be able to determine the rest of the country's choices?

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Blogger brittanyl said...

Since a large percentage of our population claims to be christian, the church actually would play a significant role in America's policymaking, whether they should or not. The constitution was written by mostly christian white men, after all.

One of the reasons I call myself a conservative is because of the welfare situation. I think their are better ways to lower the poverty and unemployment rates than simply giving them a check. Sometimes people use welfare as a crutch and they lack the drive to actually go out and try to support themselves. And, lets face it, how does the government know how it's welfare check is being spent? I understand how hard it is for a homeless person to get a job, however, I think that the government can do better than just throwing money at them. The government should help these people help themselves, maybe by creating more jobs for them or providing bonuses for people who actually try to get a job.

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Blogger JoeR said...

I considered myself conservative on most issues until I started reading some of these blogs. For illegal immigration I believe that the only reason why people are coming into our country is to help their families, which is 100% fine by me. In fact I think that is great and am happy that they care so much for their families that they would be able to sacrifice everything. I am not sure that the current system is working and that there must be something else to do. For help we need to go to all of the countries governments for their help on this issue. And to me that is the only true and logical way to deal with this issue. The main issue I sturggle with is abortion. A conservative view would be pro life, however, I believe pro choice is more logical. If the mother was not expecting the baby and is not doing physically well while pregnant she should have the option to chose whether or not to have the baby. It wouldn't be fair for the mother and the kid to not be able to live successful life if they can't be supported financially. If a girl gets raped and becomes pregnant it is only ok for her to have the baby?? This doesn't make sense. She should have the option to have an abortion or not. It is not fair for her to have to live with the unwanted body inside of her. Now after finishing this blog I have no idea where I stand and feel that my opinions may be changing.

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Blogger Steven M said...

As far as the abortion issue goes I am pro life. I realize that there are a lot of instances where abortion seems fair and logical. However, I believe that it is not for us to choose whether of not a life should be taken. I believe that it is Gods choice and that he can turn something bad into something good. If I did not have my christian beliefs however I would probably be in the middle between pro life and pro choice.

Economically I believe that the government should be very hands off. I feel that if there are more taxes on the rich in order to spread the wealth to the poor it makes for a very lazy society. I think that ultimately society has an obligation to help those who cant help themselves. I know that it is not as easy to move up in America as we fantasize it to be but it is still possible.

These are just a couple things that I believe makes me a conservative republican.

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Blogger karlak said...

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Blogger ashleyL said...

Right now, I want to address Emily's question. I think that being a Conservative means a little bit of something different to everyone. As I said earlier, I believe being a Conservative is about finding new an innovative ways to fill a need by using individuals with vision, instead of relying on an overloaded government.

My opinions on abortions are not because of my political persuasion. It's because I believe that with no exceptions life should be valued. Although, in many cases, my politcal persuasion is because of my opinion on abortion.

I will answer Anna's question that she addressed to me. Of course, the thought would cross my mind. I'm human, but just because a thought crosses our mind doesn't mean we should act on it. Sometimes we have to overcome our instincts and do what is right anyway. Two wrongs don't make a right. (I know it's cliche but cliches are cliches because they work).

3:09 PM  
Blogger sarahb said...

What I meant by my statement was that the government, who does not know me, does not know my situation, could care less about me, does not have the right to dictate what I do with my body. I don't agree with abortion. Honestly, I don't but that is just me. I wouldn't tell someone else what to do if they got pregnant. It is their life, they have to live with the decision they make regardless of the outcome. I think it is a choice every woman would have to make for herself. But they should have a choice. And because for nine months the baby is a parasite in a woman's body, yeah, I do think that the woman has a right to decide to keep it or not. That is why if there was trouble with a pregnant woman the doctors always save the mother first. That is the first priority.

3:22 PM  
Blogger annab said...

I completely agree with sarah in that I would never have an abortion but I think the real thing that matters is that a woman has the choice to have an abortion or not. So ashley if you got pregnant mistakenly we realize that because it is morally right for you, you would not have an abortion. But what is right for you is not necessarily what is morally right for other people and you cannot impose your moral beliefs on others. And amanda- we do not have to go through a period of hell for something we did not ask for. And having an abusive boyfriend is an ENTIRELY different situation. The person raping you is not a choice, but having a relationship with an unstable person is.

3:31 PM  
Blogger karlak said...

Since this blog has been talking a lot about abortion, I'll start with that. I am pro-life and believe that in no way should you kill an innocent baby. Whether you like it or not the baby in the womb is a living breathing human, and deserves a chance to live. I know that girls do get raped and get pregnant ,but instead of feeling sorry for yourself that it happen to you, think of the life your bringing into the world and just give the baby up for adoption. As Amanda said go through the nine months of hell, I think that people will really respect you for it, as Anna siad it is something you didn't ask for but I think that you just need to deal with it and give the baby a chance to live. They didn't do anything wrong so don't kill them for it. Basically i think that in any case instead of having an abortion, just give the baby up for adoption, to a family who wants it. The liberal blog has talked about how it is a women's body and it is their right to chose, but how does that give them the right to say if another human lives or dies? I also want to know from the liberals, what is the differnce of killing a unborn baby and an adult? If liberals think its okay to abort a baby (which is killing another person) then doesn't that mean its okay for me to go and kill my neighbor I don't like?
Joe brought up the topic of imigration and I agree that if a preson from a different country wants to come to the US and work and make a better life for themselves they should be able to, but they need to do it legally and not just sneak in the country. Basically, I'm not as far out as building a wall around our borders, but I'm not all for open imigration. We need to monitor who comes in our country and make sure its legal. These are some of the reasons I'm conservative.

3:49 PM  
Blogger emilyf said...

WOW!! thanks to Ashley who addressed my original question.

the debate here about abortion has got pretty heated, iand i don't really want to repeat anything that has been said many many times. but i do want to say that many people have mentioned that if a woman gets pregnant and can't handle rasing the baby America fortunaltly has established options such as adoption purely for that reason. its not fair to say that a woman can kill her child becuase she cant raise them when there are many other options out there. and just to reiterate the baby from only a couple of weeks is a human and should have basic rights that anybody else has (like to right to live). and Karla nicely said about the killing your neighbor thing. i think that explains my viewws very well.

4:18 PM  
Blogger brooksk said...

Steven, also coming from a Christain background I would agree that there are instances where something such as an issue of pro-life can result in a major blessing, but when arguing this in a political playing field, I do not know if it would be appropriate for politicians of any sort to substantiate a pro-life opinion on the basis of a Christain background when really, society in America is a melting pot and that families across the country confide a wide spectrum of religious beliefs and different beliefs on abortion. I think that the government needs to focus on abortion from an economical and ethical issue, rather than a religious issue.
Karla, I think that the issue of abortion is a little more complex than that. Killing your neighbor is a little different than going to a certified clinic or location where physicians and other health personel are certified to perform these procedures. Again, I want to go back to the point that sometimes, putting a baby up for adoption is not an easy subject, and adoption is a complex process and something that not all families are able to participate in. I am simply stating that abortion in certain situations are not an appropriate choice and should always be a last resort, but in other situations, abortion is in the best interest of the bearer, the fetus, and society as a whole.

4:19 PM  
Blogger JoeR said...

Karla thanks for responding to my statement on immigration. I agree with your idea that people coming from DIFFERENT countries must do it legally, but my point was that there must be a better way to do it. The "wall" isn't going to cut it and I am not sure that the National Guard will be able to do a complete job in stopping the illegal immigrants. Maybe a combination of both or someother way, but one alone isn't good enough. If you have any ideas on how the illegal immigration in this country can be slowed I would like to hear them.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Caitlino said...

I agree with Brooks that abortion is a much different topic than killing your neighbor. A fully developed baby would definitely be the same as killing someone who has been alive for longer, but in earlier stages of pregnancy, I dont believe that they baby has experienced anything more than basic development. I dont know of anyone who can recollect what it was like to be in the womb at two months but if I am wrong just let me know. Before a certain time period, abortion is not as harmfull as some people may think. I dont believe the fetus would actually realize it is being killed, and I think the option for abortion needs to be open so people might stop abandoning their newborn children,( who actually HAVE experienced our world). To reiterate my basic point-Just because your morals would prevent you from ever having an abortion, other people certainly need to have the right to have an abortion if it is in their best interest. If you want to live under a theocracy where the government can dictate something like abortion rights, that is fine, but this country isn't a theocracy...or is it?

4:38 PM  
Blogger brooksk said...

"To reiterate my basic point-Just because your morals would prevent you from ever having an abortion, other people certainly need to have the right to have an abortion if it is in their best interest. If you want to live under a theocracy where the government can dictate something like abortion rights, that is fine, but this country isn't a theocracy...or is it?" (Caitlin O). I think that right there is a solid and compromisable statement to conclude the abortion argument.

6:41 PM  
Blogger Lily said...

Yes Brooks, we should probably leave the abortion issue alone. We know that everyone has different views on this, and it will probably continue on for quite a while.

Joe, in response to your question, I think that illegal immigration isn't particularly good, but they only do it because it is so hard to get into the US legally. I know that it the immigration laws are so much stricter now than it was even 15 years ago when the rest of my family came over, which is why illegal immigration is going up. They shouldn't be imposing even stricter laws but give people a better chance to actually arrive in this country. Or you could suggest to those people that maybe they can't come to the US, but they could try Australia or Canada or whatnot. Also, another reason why immigration is perhaps so high is that those immigrants don't know that they can come legally. Ignorance can lead people to decisions they probably wouldn't make if they knew all the facts. Yes, we are overpopulated here, but what about Wyoming or Montana or Iowa? Doesn't Wyoming have room to house these immigrants? Sorry, this is probably kind of biased coming from me, a product of immigrants, but I bet that most of you guys (note, I said most, not all) aren't Native Americans, so you guys are immigrants too. And when the English came over and settled on America's Eastern Coast, didn't they not care about what those inhabitants cared and without permission from THEIR government? (well, in some cases.) Yes, you could probably argue from the other side, just like I can, but I'm just saying what I feel. I kind of went off on a tangent there, and I will do more research sometime to further support my views.

7:33 PM  
Blogger alysons said...

So I know that most of you are pro'life, but how do you feel on gay marriage? Or the issure concerning health care?

8:09 PM  
Blogger alysons said...

And think of the lives that children would live if their parents could not get an abortion. They would most likely come from a broken home, or they would live in and out of foster homes never knowing who they really were. Orphanages are already over flowing with children, think of the massive increase that they would suffer along with the helpless children. Would you pay for their care through taxes or just jeave the orphanages to fend for themselves?

8:13 PM  
Blogger ABC's Committee said...

Since I am all for human rights (Amnesty), I would encourage more volunteer work, private donations, and maybe use some tax money to help them. But I think it'd be more beneficial to help parents/foster parents to get better paying jobs to help the kids and matrons/people in charge of orphanages more help because they are very understaffed. It is very depressing for the children, but at least they get a chance to live. Besides, even though I said I wouldn't comment on this issue, I can't help it: Have you seen the way a mother bonds with her child after she gives birth? It invokes those motherly instincts, and does anyone know if having an abortion ruins your chances for kids later on in your life? I would really like to know that, thanks. I know miscarriages do heighten the risk, and the would-be mothers really become emotionally distraught when they feel the breast milk coming in, but there is no baby to take it away (sorry if this is too graphic for the males in the classes). But I won't say anymore now.

8:27 PM  
Blogger Lily said...

Maybe it makes people feel better by using a euphemism to call it a civil union. But, why shouldn't they be allowed to be with whoever they want? Why aren't they entitled to tax breaks, etc? You can't help how people are, I mean we were talking in Psych the other day about how much is the way they are genetic and how much is nurtured. I know some of you might not like the idea, but again, the issue of religion and separation of church and state come in. I'll just leave it at that so I can go work on my essay.

8:56 PM  
Blogger JeffN said...

I have been thinking a lot on how politics can be debated and I just have a comment and I want to see what other people think about it. When debating politics, is it valid to allow religion to play a part? I know in my class we have people who are Christian, Catholic, and I am Jewish. Every religion has different views about life and how it should be lived. If we take the abortion idea: each of those above religions has a different view about when life actually starts. And based on your religion, you will have a different view. From what I understand, one religion believes that the baby is alive upon conception, one believes that its after the first trimester that a baby is truly alive (according to literal interpretation of religious text) and another believes that a baby is alive only after it takes it's first breath. So the belief system in which you have been raised will obviously dictate your feelings on this issue. So how do we even the playing field so to speak? Is it possible to debate politics without incorporating religion like the Constitution states (Separation of Church and State)? Can you debate policy and politics and leave your religion out of the ring or is it so engrained into how we view politics that we cannot leave it alone? And does eliminating religion from political discussion "level the playing field" and give people a chance to discuss these issues in a way that people won't always staunchly disagree from one another?

9:55 PM  
Blogger nathank2 said...

I have a lot to say about abortion but I think it will go unnoticed, so I will just ask a question to all anti-gay marriage people:

What is a logical argument against allowing gay marriage that does not incorporate your religious views?

I really would like to hear one, because I never have.

10:29 PM  
Blogger sarahb said...

I think it is also important to mention that different religions have different beliefs on abortion and that will lead you to believe whatever you want. To Karla who asked something along the lines of how is it right to kill a baby? Well some religions(perspectives) consider the baby an actual baby the moment it is consumated, others after a certain amount of trimesters, and some don't consider it alive until it has breathed it's first breath of air. So to some, it is not actually killing a living, breathing, functioning human, it is taking away POTENTIAL life. Personally, I don't belive that your religion, your beliefs, which are very different from mine can dictate to me how I live my life. I am pro-life, but I'm also pro-choice. I don't believe in abortions as a means of birth control but again that is my perspective, and while we disagree, we need to all respect other's beliefs. If you don't believe in abortion then good for you, you never have to get one. But women should have the oppourtunity to choose what is right for them.

11:54 AM  
Blogger MollyG said...

I see a lot of debate about abortion and other moral issues. I am curious, as a conservative, what are your views on things like the Iraq war and other foreign policy? Or, if you belief in theoretical conservatism with small government and a more fiscal spending system, do you believe that it's is our country's right to meddle in other countries. Do we have a right to "liberate" people or force democracy on them. What about humanitarian aid? Should the government contribute to the AIDS movement or war-ravaged, impoverished villages in Africa? Let's hear about some other issues. Abortion is important to some people, but the government controls many, many things.

4:24 PM  
Blogger samh4 said...

I am a conservative for numerous reasons. First off, I would have to say because of many of my religious beliefs completely disagree with things such as gay marriage and abortion. Webster defines conservative as - disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change. I think that this country was started on values that we should be keeping not distancing ourselves from. Do you agree? I think that this is the greatest country in the whole wide world, so why should we be pushing ourselves towards values that Europe has. I'll come back to that, but before I do I would like to point out one think. I say I'm a conservative and don't like such changes, but there are some things that are changing right before our eyes and yet we are not doing anything about it because we just want to make people happy. That just down right pisses me off. If John. F. Kennedy was to run for president today he would be considered a republican, though when he ran back in the 70s he was a democrat, and our modern day democrat is a latter day socialist. Those changes are happening right before our eyes and it's truly a sad thing. We are moving closer to the values of the people(Europeans) that Americans fled from back in the 1600's! Now what's up with that?!

11:09 AM  
Blogger MollyG said...

Sam, I find your comment fascinating. But, I wonder, do you think we should return to how the Americans who first landed here lived? Or do you think that as time and technology changes, should society change with us? Europe certainly is not the same as it was in the 1600's, is there any real reason to avoid cooperating with them as a player in an ever globalizing social and economic stage?

12:36 AM  
Blogger samh4 said...

Well I really don't want to make my answer to technical but I'm not saying that we should return to how the nation was when we first started because that would imply things such as slavery etc but many of the values that were present among the men writing the Declaration are gone now, and I really think that that is a problem, but on the note of cooperating with Europe, I think that we totally should work with them, but by no means should we take their advice on government. Look at how many times European governments have changed over the past couple centuries, our's has stayed the same. Now it seems like they should all be trying to take advice from us. Economically sure we can work together thats fine, but should we socialize America just like what Europe has done, NO WAY!!!!!! That would be chaotic and awful. I say, if you want America to be socialized so bad you can just move to France.

11:17 AM  
Blogger MollyG said...

Or perhaps, since america has only been around a few hundred years, and Europe has been civilized for thousands of years, should we follow their lead? After all, they have more experience. Also, I'm curious, in what ways has Europe changed that America hasn't. The way I see it, they are a bit ahead of us. Britain used to be a world superpower, now we are. Both Europe and America were one theocracies (to a point) went through the industrial revolution, several world wars. I guess I'm asking you to get more specific on what specifically about the changes in Europe you didn't like.

6:26 PM  
Blogger samh4 said...

Thats funny that you made the comment of Europe has been around longer then America, well yeah obviously, but that is a very unfair thing to say. It would be different if someone had founded America back in year 100 A.D. so that's pretty irrelevant if you ask me,I'm saying that meaning like our constitution has been around longer than any European constitution has that is a fact. The changes in Europe that I don't like is that it's so socially overrun and they have lost their true initiative for hark work if you ask me, they all might as well be government workers like we have in the states, why do you think the DMV takes so long every time you are there, because the workers have to point to work hard. Europe has changed so much for the worse it's not even funny. Once again, if you want socialism move to france. yeah the dollar is not as high value as the euro but still honestly Europe isn't infront of us. We're the greatest country ever let's get real here

6:43 PM  
Blogger nathana said...

I am annoyed by the overly simplistic view America sometimes has of change. Some people are broad brushing ALL change as either good or bad. That is like saying children are all good and no bad and or that adults are all good and no bad. America must mature and that is a good thing, however there are things we must keep in addition to the things we get rid of. You can’t prove all change is good with slavery nor can you prove that all change is bad because just because Americans have strayed from some good values. The best example I can think of is actually voting. On the subject of Europe, learn some from what they do well, but for the most part let Europe be Europe. America is doing just fine without having to copy them.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Steven M said...

hey this is for brooks comment that he posted a while ago. This is a blog for what I believe and why. If I were running for president then I would express my beliefs the exact same way. It is a political playing feel but religion plays a big part in politics for me. Im not going to try and talk around how I feel about abortion and why i feel that way. Again if I was going to run for office then I would still bring my religion into it. If people don't like it then they don't have to vote for me.

1:36 PM  
Blogger ashleyL said...

Jeff, on what you said awhile back about religion and whether or not it has to play a role in politics: I think it does. Regardless, of what you believe, a person's faith is usually the most important thing in his or her life. If you believe something is wrong you should fight to get it changed. I think it's healthy to do that. Maybe a good change starts at religion, but finds its way to make progress for society. Just as Martin Luther King Jr., who was propelled, certainly, by a moral belief in equality,opened the world's eyes to injustice. Maybe we can do the same with abortion, same-sex marriage or any social issue.

As I always say: Whatever you believe, be action oriented. If you care about something fight for change.

5:57 PM  
Blogger nathank2 said...

People need to be able to back up there views with not religious logic though. If your only criterion for a decision is your religion then we run into problems. For example, and I know this is probably going to cause some uproar but it is the truth, many terrorist actions are backed by those people's belief in the Quran. They justify their beliefs with their religion and there is no practical difference between backing your terrorist beliefs with religion and backing your gay-marriage or abortion beliefs with religion. So anyone who is going to use their religious beliefs for any political issue also better be OK with terrorism.

2:03 PM  
Blogger nathana said...

Most positions that the media labels those of religious fanatics are valid. For example, few people say that two men living in the same house should be illegal. They merely maintain that they don’t want to support them with their tax payer dollars, by giving them the financial privileges that come with marriage. At the same time, a separate movement of people whose personal beliefs disagree with gay marriage is allowed to take place. The problem is that these two movements have blended together too much. I agree with Ashley that faith is indispensable in a person’s life. However, I also agree with Nathank2 that religion is faith based and is thus (in and of itself) insufficient to dictate government policy. However, faith can and should based in logic and reason (gasp). Also, I think it unjust that pro-life is labeled another religious fanatic stance. Though Republicans have had a lot of success playing the Christian base on the issue, the topic is not purely a religious one. You could play that statement both ways, but I choose to trust that in a democracy we should assume that all positions were reached through valid methods. Both sides forget this sometimes, and both sides have become too fanatical. I think we should stop finger pointing and discuss the issues from either a personal, or a policy point of view. I would prefer the gay issue be looked at in these blogs from a purely political perspective.

5:37 PM  
Blogger kdawg7445 said...

If government knows what is best for its people, based on religious persuasions, who are we to stand in its way of esablishing a moral state?

9:36 AM  
Blogger nathana said...

As I stated, I agree with kdawg 7445. Purely religious arguments should not be acceptable in policy making. However, there are no issues that are purely religious. Society sometimes associates issues with faith. I do not believe in guilt by association.

11:43 PM  
Blogger ashleyL said...

I believe that to truly understand any issue it must be looked at from all perspectives. That includes: policy, society, customs and religion. Everything must be considered and weighed, then, a decision can take place.

8:14 PM  
Blogger mollyl said...

Honestly I don't want to start the whole abortion thing again but I just want to put my word in. I am totally against abortion and find it completely wrong and disgusting. If you are raped why make another victim in this world by killing a baby. Many rape victims go on to have their baby and really it is just nine months and then you can give it up for adoption. Americans needs to man up and stop always feeling like they are suffering so much. I feel like having an abortion is such a selfish act and should not be alowed it is a god like act and it should not be our decision at all to take a life in any circumstance. Anyway enough about that Gay marriage. How is it going to hurt anyone if they want to be married? If you don't like the idea then you don't have to do it. It makes me angry how people are denying the rights to get married when really no harm will come to them. The government wont allow gay marriage because they are money sucking scoundrels (if thats how you spell it) when it comes to this issue. I think they are just debating the issue and saying it is because of religion but really its all about money! People need to worry about their own lives and stop being so bored with their own lives they have to meddle in other lives that have no effect on them whatsoever. People should not infringe upon the rights of others until they infringe upon the rights of a human being 1 minute from conseption or 90 years old.

9:02 PM  
Blogger nathank2 said...

Ok Molly, I don't quite understand why the government would not allow gay marriage for money reasons. Are you implying that the government would make enough off of tax differences by not allowing it that it is beneficial for them?

10:46 AM  

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