Thursday, August 31, 2006

So far...

After reading through the 64 comments so far, I felt it was time to jump in. First, Mr. Teng has a good point about the awkward format of blogger. Remember that my primary goal of post #1 was to make sure ALL of you could access it. From now on, it is your choice to play...or not.

"What you believe" was, to me, one of the more enjoyable discussions I've had in A.P. Gov. Not only did you bring up a number of interesting positions and issues, but you did so in a respectful manner. And while we could certainly see the potential for disagreement and even conflict, it seemed as if you felt safe in expressing what you felt or thought.

What surprised you? What do you wish you would have added or questioned or changed with regards to YOUR positions? What "bombs" were thrown that you would have liked to have challenged?